Adverse Impact to Environment!

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New York City’s environment is fragile. Any time a Developer proposes to demolish Historic Gardens and Species Habitats, in addition to irreplaceable Historic Homes, attention must be paid.

Despite uncontrovertable evidence that an Environmental Impact Statement is required for the proposed Condo-Project on Historic East 93rd Street, the Developer has failed to comply with the applicable New York State Environmental Laws and the City has failed to enforce these important laws passed by the legislature.
The Developer’s proposed plan to substantially change 178, 180 & 182 East 93rd Street in NYC, and the Historic Gardens attendant to those properties, will have a significant adverse effect on the character of this tiny historic block in Carnegie Hill, as well as causing irreparable harm to its already fragile ecosystem. Section 617.7 (c)(1)(i)(ii)(v)(viii)(ix) and (xi) all require that an Environmental Impact Statement be conducted under the facts and circumstances of this case.

Two of the three 19th century ‘Sister Houses’ had, for decades, been host to the Reece School, a private school for children with learning disabilities. The bus would drop the children off in the morning, and promptly pick them up in the afternoon. In other words, these tiny children were never residents of Historic Marx Brothers Place. So their impact on the environment and the neighborhood was negligible.

The Developer’s plan to exponentially increase the number of residents on this block, by definition, constitutes a substantial adverse change. There will be more cars, more solid waste, more pollution and more noise.

Any one of these factors is sufficient to trigger the necessity of conducting an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Add to this, the Developer demolishing Historic Gardens, and Migratory Bird Pathways in the process, and there can be no doubt that East 93rd Street is endangered.

It is beyond question that the Developer’s Plan to exponentially increase the number of residents on Historic East 93rd Street constitutes a clear substantial change in use and, therefore, requires an Environmental Impact Statement in accordance with Section 617.7(C)(1)(viii) AND (ix).
The Developer’s plan to demolish the attendant contiguous Historic Gardens, migratory pathways and resting, nesting and feeding places for migratory birds, also requires an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) be conducted in compliance with Section 617.7 (c)(1)(ii).

And the Developer’s plan to build multiple multi-million dollar Condo Units, where three ‘Sister Houses’ had stood since the 19th Century, constitutes a substantial adverse change to the existing neighborhood character and, therefore, requires an EIS be conducted before the NYC Department of Buildings issue any Permits: Section 617.7(c)(1)(v).
If the NYC Department of Buildings issues any permits before the Developer complies with these important Environmental Laws, the City Authority would be in clear violation of state and city laws.By increasing traffic with the proposed larger density in residences; and increasing solid waste production (more people = more solid waste); and by destroying historic houses, along with their attendant historic gardens, the Developer’s plan results in a Substantial Adverse Impact on the environment as defined by New York State and NYC Laws.

So, by law, the Developer must 1.) Complete an environmental impact statement and hold the required attendant public hearings and 2.) The NYC Department of Buildings is prohibited, by law, from issuing any permits until the Developer has completed the process of an Environmental Impact Statement as required by law.
City and state officials should, immediately, put a stop to this project until the Developer has complied with all applicable city, state and federal Environmental Laws!

Please help us protect Historic East 93rd Street and its fragile ecosystem! Call, write and email your local and state officials today – and tell them that an Environmental Impact Statement must be completed before NYC allows this Developer to go any further with his plans to irreperably change the face and character of Historic East 93rd Street in Carnegie Hill!

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